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  • Athena Roy

    Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that we had a SPECTACULAR time at your facility!  We will definitely be back in the future!!!

    My very best,

    Athena Roy

    (Timothy’s 13th B-day party)

  • Rick Bonge

    Just some late follow-up.  We had a group show up on Halloween.  Our "ref" was great.  He made it a lot of fun.  Every year that our annual football road trip goes through OKC (three out of four years), we will definitely make Dodge City a stop.  Thanks for all of the fun!  Great job on an incredible layout.  We played the "Graveyard" a few times and the woods all the way in the back for about three straight hours.  Everyone agreed that your place is awesome!  We all live around Omaha Nebraska and take a four-day RV road trip to a Husker Game every year someplace warmer than Nebraska.

    Rick BongeHusker Fans
  • Just wanted to say thank you again! My friends and I had a blast on Sat. That was my second time playing, had gone the previous sat for a friend's birthday party and our ref then, Chris something, and our ref we had this last time, Stephen, we both great and did a great job explaining the game and helping any one who had problems with their masks or guns.

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