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OKC's Finest Paintball Standard

And Low Impact Course 



This is the newest equipment on the market and is VERY cool!
What do we offer that sets us apart? We have the ability to play
all the same courses that the paintballers have and have enough
equipment that we can run huge groups as well as the small ones.
Age is not an issue like paintball is and we can run enough games
in the two hour session that you will leave knowing you really got
your moneys worth! The cost is only $25.00 each for a 2 hour
session. Ten or more players, the cost goes down to $20.00 each.
For Laser Tag, you can wear anything you wish and only have a
headband with sensors to aim at. This is very exciting and we look
forward to many years of enjoyment for all. Call for your bookings
or email me at